BAYER-REITHER Venturi Scrubber



The BAYER-REITHER Venturi scrubber achieves the separation efficiency of a high pressure Venturi with a pressure loss tending to zero. This is reached by the Hybrid nozzle, developed by BAYER. In the Hybrid nozzle the scrubbing liquid is atomized by compressed air, whereby a pulsation of ejection of drops is produced by installed resonance chambers.
Hybrid nozzles are arranged above the Venturi throat, built by cross pipes, and produce a spray cone by pulsation with rough and very fine drops in the proportion of up to 1:1000.

The field of application lies in separation of submicron particles and in gas absorption.

simple compact design
high separation efficiencies for particles < 1 µm
even performance line, no adjustment of throat necessary
insensitive to obstruction
simultaneous dust- and gas separation
corrosion resistant
suitable for retrofitting



Fig. right: BAYER-REITHER Venturi scrubber with agglomerator, switched in front-off, for exhaust gas cleaning in a solar cell production.

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