REITHER Venturi Quench



In the REITHER Venturi quench the hot exhaust gases are cooled by direct injection of water. The wet bulb temperature is here reached in a fraction of seconds. The very quick cooling of the gas prevents the De-Novo-Synthesis of dioxins and furans. Besides the cooling of flue gas a dust separation by the principle of Venturi takes place. The adjustable Venturi throat provides a steady function at fluctuating flow rates.

Flue gases from incineration plants for chemical waste mostly contain strongly corrosive compounds such as HCl, Cl2, SO2, etc. which require high demands to material. In co-operation with M/s CARBON GmbH we have designed this novel quench apparatus so that it can be manufactured from process equipment graphite DIABON.
However, The REITHER Venturi quench can also be delivered from stainless steel, Hastelloy, or silicium carbide.

• suitable up to 1200°C
• low construction height
• combination of gas cooling and dust separation
• cross section of the Venturi throat can be modified during operation
• spray nozzles are located outside of the gas flow, a jacket
• cooling and a wall rinsing guarantee a high operational availability

Fig. above: spray pattern of external nozzles
Fig. below: Venturi throat with displacer


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