Emission Control of Marine Diesel Engines



Seawater scrubbing with the BAYER-REITHER Venturi Technology is an effective method for removal of sulphurous dioxide from flue gas. It is also very effective at reducing the particulate load, i. e. soot.

SO2-absorption with seawater under building of sulphate salts. This is contained in seawater by nature and does not produce a contamination. The particles separated in the BAYER-REITHER Venturi scrubber are removed from off flowing water and are deposited as sludge.


Exhaust gases from ocean-going vessels are a majour source of uncontrolled air pollution worldwide. The output of sulphurous oxides and particulate matter is enormous, mainly due the prevalent use of heavy fuel oil that contains large amount of sulphur. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) therefore demands reduction of content of sulphur in fuel, or to clean exhaust gases of marine vessels by emission reducing technologies.


Fig. left: Installation of seawater scrubber in a cargo ship.
1 – Marine diesel engine
2 – BAYER-REITHER seawater scrubber
3 – Pumps, compressor, water treatment plant

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